Stephanie Kaitlyn


Do you know that unexplainable feeling you get.. some sort of natural high? When you look at everything and it all seems surreal. And you feel like you're in a movie. You can see and feel everything but it's as though you can't be touched. That feeling of pure bliss, with the perfect song, and the perfect scene, and the perfect people. When you feel the most alive. Such a feeling that moves you, and renders you speechless. At that moment you are dazed and you wouldn't choose to be anywhere in the universe but where you are. That infinite feeling, in those fleeting infinite moments.

The influx of thoughts, emotions, attachments suddenly replaced by an arising of inner spaciousness. No mind. Pure bliss. That sudden glimpse of enlightenment called Satori. That is what we live for.


  • Photography
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  • Photography
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